Fragile Web

Chicago U Press & NHM 2010

Chicago U Press & NHM 2010

The authors do an excellent job making the complex topics of evolution, biodiversity, and ecology accessible to a wide readership. . . . It is rare to find a volume that presents these complex topics in a way that the general public can easily digest. This book hits that target. . . . Highly recommended.
— Choice


"Nearly every book about wildlife concentrates on species…Fragile Web is different, examining life on Earth as a whole and asking the big questions: what is it? How did it arise? How does it fit together? And what are we doing to it. Because the answers are detailed and very full they can sometimes seem complicated and a little challenging…But it is well worth the effort, not least because the book includes the very latest is rendered a great deal more accessible by the wealth of illustrations, wildlife photographs, maps and diagrams, all of which are beautifully chosen."

Michael McCarthy - BBC Knowledge Magazine

"I’m not someone with a natural interest in science but have to say I absolutely loved this book…accessible and engaging…the photography is stunning…I’m sure it could help to provoke debates in science and geography classes."

The Teacher: magazine of the NUT

"This new book tackles the issue of biodiversity, examining threats and suggesting how human activities can foster rather than destroy our natural world."

English Garden