A citizen scientist is a volunteer who collects and/or processes data as part of a scientific enquiry. Projects that involve citizen scientists are burgeoning, particularly in ecology and the environmental sciences, although the roots of citizen science go back to the very beginnings of modern science itself.
— Silvertown, J. (2009) A new dawn for citizen science. Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 24, 467-471.

While I was at the Open University I started three CS projects: Evolution MegaLab, iSpot and Treezilla. At the University of Edinburgh we are now building the infrastructure for Edinburgh Cityscope  that will turn the whole city and its environs into a pervasive learning environment. This will provide a platform for an unlimited number of Citizen Science and Digital Humanities projects.  Follow @EmbraCityscope for the latest details or visit the project website at www.edinburghcityscope.org


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