99% Ape


It is in my opinion a terrific success and I simply do not know a better introduction to the subject, aimed at students and general readers…All in all, a very nice survey of the big issues, with no ducking from the problems. Highly recommended!
— History and Philosophy of Life Science Journal

"An accessible introduction to evolution from the Open University. The book covers the history of the theory and the supporting evidence. Short but sweet with plenty of great photos."

BBC Focus magazine

"This absorbing book introduces the fundamentals of evolution and highlights the many advances since."

Good Book Guide

"99% Ape is an excellent introduction to the discussions of the Darwin year."

Biologist: Journal of the Institute of Biology

"...where, then, to go for a balanced account when the subject (evolution) is so complex and the positions so opposed? This new book from the Natural History Museum fits the bill perfectly."

Current Archaeology magazine

"A fascinating introduction to the subject."

The Bookseller

"…brief, pithy and delightfully illustrated and will be particularly attractive to secondary school students. It concisely presents the evidence for evolution."

The Times Literary Supplement